How to get FREE domain name, hosting and SSL certificate for your website?

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Websites have become window for any business that exists. Individual entrprenuers or companies are making sure they have proper web presence before starting their business – This requires some or large amount of funds depending on the hosting providers and its configuration.

For budding entreprenuers who wants to start and make their online presence, here we have basic requirements for website shared for FREE.

1. Domain Name

Firstly, you need a website name or domain name to start with. Best anology for domain name would be like the name of the Icecream parlour – “Krunchy Cool Icecream” registered with the local registrar. In case of websites, you can register them on Godaddy, Big Rock or NameCheap at a decent price.

Below is the only website which gives it for free for 1 year. You can even renew it for free after Minimum Advance Renewal of 14 Days for Free Domains. The catch is that you have limited TLD ( Top level Domains ) to select like  .tk  .ml  .ga  .cf  .gq  instead of  .com  .net

STEPS:  Click the link below——–> Enter your domain name——–> Click “Check Availability”——–> Select your preferred TLD——–> Add to cart——–> Fill in the details——–> Purchase of $0 (No card details needed)——–> Yay, Now you own that domain for 1 year


2.  Hosting the website

Secondly, this is were you will place your webiste files 24/7 i.e, like the physical location of the Icecream parlour – you can rent this place or even buy it. Similarly, you can rent or buy web space for your website with the hosting providers like Godaddy, A2 Hosting, Siteground, Bluehost, Hostgator etc at a cost depending upon the configuration ( RAM, storage, no. of websites, speed etc)

Below is the website which gives  FREE website hosting with MySQL, PHP, cPanel and it has no ads. The catch is that you can host a limited number of websites. If you have more websites to host, then you can easily switch to paid version. Thus, it is very helpful for beginners to understand or start working on their websites.

STEPS: Click the link below——–> Sign Up——–> Fill in the details——–> Verify your email address——–> Select WordPress or Skip it——–> Manage Website——–> Home——–> Tools——–> Set Web Address——–> Click “Add domain”——–> Select Park or Point domain——–> Enter your domain name——–> update Nameservers——–> Done! Now allow 12-24 hours to replicate the changes.


3.  SSL certificate

Lastly, since you are done with the domain name & hosting space – you would/might need an SSL certificate to protect your data – which is like the lock to your Icecream parlour  to protect your parlour from theives.

These days most or all hosting providers are issuing FREE SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt by default. Thus you might NOT have to purchase it separately. Below is the website through which you can buy it for FREE ( if required )

STEPS: Click the link below——-> Enter your domain name——–> Click “Get SSL Certificate”——–> Validate your domain ownerhsip by any of the 3 methods ( Automatic FTP Verification/ Manual Port Verification/ Manual DNS verification )


Note: If you are using FREE hosting from 000Webhost, then SSL certificate can be applied only for Subdomains like .  For custom domain like , you would have to upgrade to paid plan.

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